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Is That Fixer-Upper Worth All The Work?

Are you thinking “fixer-upper” when you’re looking at real estate in Colorado Springs? Buying one of the many wonderful bargain-priced homes has been enjoyed by lots of folks these last couple of years. Its been a wild time! However, we’re seeing fewer bargain-basement priced homes these days and those coming on the market are going under contract immediately, many having multiple offers. And often these are “short sale” deals that can take months to close!

Some bargain real estate in Colorado Springs may include more work than you’d like. When you’re looking online, you may see what appears to be a great price but few photos, so you may need to go scouting with one of our agents. We’ll help you develop the ability to look beyond the stuff, the clutter, the mess to find a “hidden gem”. It can be challenging to concentrate on the home’s features and basic fundamentals, but it could be well worth doing to catch a bargain.

Ka-ching! Bring a strong flashlight or two and some sturdy gloves. Also useful are your imagination and your practical discernment! When touring bargain real estate in Colorado Springs, muddle through the first time to get an overall feel, then step back and bounce ideas around with your experienced Realtor. Perhaps that sunroom addition is no longer an asset but is really a liability and should be torn down. Maybe the layout will feel more open once the clutter is gone and a small wall is removed. Some simple, practical changes such as new windows, an on-demand water heater, new flooring, kitchen cabinets, or some landscaping work could make a big difference.

The Realtors at Skyline Properties have the experience to help you sort through your options and decide what fix-up projects suit you. Many people find distressed houses too overwhelming and will opt for a less intimidating home at a somewhat higher price. We find some real estate in Colorado Springs in fairly good shape but with outdated features are good choices since folks can move in and live in the home right away and do the updates over the course of time.

When looking to buy a home that needs some work, look at problems as opportunities to increase the equity and to make the home uniquely yours. And contact us to help you sift through the many choices, negotiate an excellent deal, and find your “home sweet home”!

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