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Are you seeing some of these low-priced homes online, many Colorado Springs foreclosure deals, wondering if they are worth buying? We’re here to tell you there’s a good chance you’ll find an excellent buy! Okay, not all low-priced homes are amazing deals we admit, but sometimes we find them. Even those that lack some TLC or appliances or a decent deck, for instance, can be well worth the money. Why wait when you can buy a good home at a discounted price that you only need to put a bit of money into to make it move-in ready?

We can help you sort through the plethora of seemingly great deals out there. Some Colorado Springs foreclosure or short sale deals may disappoint you when you tour. Not all deals are really great deals. It often takes patience, diligence and persistence. And sometimes, Luck! We at Skyline Properties take this challenge seriously. We want to help you find that great home you’ll love as well as a good deal where you get some “instant equity” as well.

Our market is gaining in home values, almost back to our 2006 levels, varying by neighborhood. But the back inventory of foreclosed or short sale homes still offers many excellent deals. So right now is a great time to jump in and take advantage of this pivotal timeframe. Our local economy is getting stronger, more jobs are being created, people are gaining back their financial footing, and our recent recession is influencing the market less. Yet banks and government-related entities are still processing Colorado Springs foreclosure properties, often aggressively pricing them to sell quickly. Plus many motivated sellers are creating more affordable choices for today’s home buyers!

We advise you to enjoy looking at all of these wonderful deals online and by touring, but check them out with a degree of skepticism as well as an open mind.  There could be a hidden gem behind what appears to be a big problem. Maybe a wall can be removed to create more open living space or perhaps a good cleaning, some flooring and interior painting would transform a dismal house into a warm, upscale home. Colorado Springs foreclosure and short sale properties come in all “shapes and sizes”…and condition. We at Skyline Properties would truly enjoy teaming up with you, sharing our expertise, and helping you find that wonderful home that is also a wonderful deal. Please call or email us any time!

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