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Realtors creatively market to sellers

April 12, 2013 | Filed under: Photo,Print,Real Estate | Posted by: 

real-estateIn a real estate market with more buyers than sellers, agents have to be creative about how they acquire new listings.

“Realtors are always hungry for listings,” said Becky Gloriod, an agent with The Gloriod Team.

And a market like this one can make agents ravenous.

There were just 3,046 homes on the market in March. It’s the lowest level for inventory since 2001, and agents are reporting multiple offers, full price or even bigger offers and sales happening within days of going on the multiple listing service.

There are the tried-and-true methods of marketing to sellers — staying in touch with previous clients so they think of you when they’re ready to sell and so they recommend you to friends and family.

That’s Gloriod’s method.

Sylvia Jennings, an agent with The Peak Dream Team at Prudential Rocky Mountain Properties, said she’s started doing some of the things she hasn’t done since the last time the market was hot in 2005 and 2006.

“If we successfully market a house in a neighborhood, we send out mailers letting the neighbors know,” she said.

A lot of homeowners might have the misconception that the real estate market is still slow. If they get a nudge like that in the mail, it might make them think about selling.

Other real estate agents comb expired listings and make contact with homeowners who tried unsuccessfully to sell before.

They wear their nametags to networking events and hand out cards to neighbors at open houses — the usual.

Frank Schlosser, an agent at Coldwell Banker, sent letters to homeowners who were renting their properties out asking if they would want to sell when the lease comes up.

“That’s pretty smart,” said Joe Clement, broker owner at Re/Max Properties. “It’s creative.”

Clement said about 16 percent of his brokerage’s activity comes from the Internet, so he’s also paying attention to social media, blogs and having a strong Web presence.

That is the key, said Matt Pickett, broker owner of Skyline Properties. He got on board early with Zillow, now the No. 1 website for residential real estate searches.

Pickett owns more Zip Codes than any other Realtor in the region, he said. That means his face and contact number pops up next to properties when browsers look at them on Zillow.

It started when he realized the power of the online review.

He was taking a vacation to Mexico with his family and read reviews about where to go and what to do on the TripAdvisor website. When he got a call from Zillow, he asked former clients to write reviews for him.

“I have more reviews than anyone,” he said.

With 72 reviews, even out-of-town buyers who will make a decision without ever seeing the house they buy, trust him. Not all of the reviews are positive, but most are and they’re all honest, he said.

When people call Pickett, they almost always say they chose him because they liked the reviews.

“That’s exactly what I did when I was looking for a snorkel adventure in Cozumel,” he said.

Getting a fresh start to the home hunt

Buying real estate in Colorado Springs can be challenging! Many different sources of online information vie for your attention and often provide scattered, sometimes unreliable, details. You see a very low price on what appears to be a really sweet house, but aren’t sure it’s for real. Maybe you’re thinking about a larger house with a big backyard, but wonder just how what might that entail. And then there’s your mortgage financing to consider. What to do?

The realtors at Skyline Properties recommend 1. Contact us for help, and 2. Get organized. Set up a notebook binder with separate sections such as: financing, favorite houses, budget, neighborhoods, notes. Or start with favorite houses and make these sections for each house. Honestly, house hunting real estate in Colorado Springs is fun for most people. However, to avoid frustration, find out how much house you can afford first. Do the pre-qualification process and take care of any outstanding financial “hits” before you start looking. When you “do the math” first, you’ll feel more comfortable about the types of homes you’ll be touring, and when you fall in love with a house you’ll feel more confident.

Digital tools can also help. Doing snapshots of homes and neighborhood features can help jog your memory after viewing lots of properties. Sometimes the “must-haves” you had in your imagination recede in importance when you see photos of other features. We find it helpful to not only use online and computer-generated images, but to also do printouts for your binder. Viewing and holding the physical photos can often make things more realistic and active.

When buying real estate in Colorado Springs use the budget section. If your mortgage financing says you need a lower-priced home, you jot a plan to save for updates and upgrades to the house you buy. Make notes about utility costs, regular maintenance costs, new furnishings, etc. And for each house, write down the pros and cons, the potential costs and problems as well as the things you really like.

Talk to us! Share your thoughts and concerns with us and let us check on the information you find online. We will set up a search website for you, directly from our reliable listing service, so you’ll get the homes that most meet your needs and wants. And we’ll be there for you with each step of your journey to buy real estate in Colorado Springs.

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